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AENEAS Promo - Photo by Micheile Henders


The Musical

AENEAS, The Musical premiered as a staged reading at the Melbourne Recital Centre, Primrose Potter Salon at 7pm on 16 November 2018.

"Emerging Australian musical theatre composer Madeleine Nicole Hale is preparing to take Melbourne audiences on an epic new musical journey. She has written a brand-new show and as it progresses in its development, it has attracted a first-rate creative team from some of the biggest shows in Australia over the last couple of years." 

– David Pearson, TheatrePeople  


The once impenetrable city of Troy has fallen. The gods call upon Prince Aeneas to lead his people out of the burning ashes of Troy in search of a new home across the sea. At the hands of the vengeful goddess Juno, the Trojans become shipwrecked in Carthage and are welcomed by its beautiful leader, Queen Dido. Aeneas falls in love but must ultimately choose between following his heart and following his destiny.

AENEAS, The Musical is an epic tale of life and death, love and war, displacement and homecoming. Based on Virgil’s ancient Roman epic, The Aeneid, AENEAS takes a fresh look at this Greek tragedy, adopting its universal and enduring themes for a modern audience.


Aeneas - Zoy Frangos 

Dido - Akina Edmonds 

Juno - Olivia Charalambous 

Venus - Elisa Colla

Jove - Robert McDougall 

Mercury - Doron Chester

Anchises - Robert Harsley 

Neptune - Stephen Valeri

Apollo - Daniel Cosgrove

Minerva - Ariella Gordon 

Narrator - Raphael Wong

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